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Xmas Special: Argos Catalogues, Lego and Die Hard

Robbie, Pete and Dave are discussing Christmas in the latest episode of Geeks, We Are Your Fathers. 

They're taking a look back at Christmas from their own childhoods, how it's changed for their children and as usual end up discussing LEGO!

The trio have also been discussing their favourite Christmas films and debating whether Die Hard even counts! 

Cassette Tapes, Eurovision and Recording an Album in Lockdown

In this episode Dave, Pete and Robbie take a trip down memory lane, as they explore the world of music.

They talk us through the first albums and singles that they bought, their guilty pleasures and their thoughts on downloading or streaming music rather than physically owning it. 

There is also an exclusive interview with Eric Smith, a member of the band Ryan Law and The Shelter, who have remotely recorded and released their debut album during lockdown, with inputs from the USA, Germany and the UK. 

The Jetsons, Alexa and Stark Mansion

Pete, Dave and Robbie are discussing smart homes in the latest episode of Geeks, We Are Your Fathers. 

Find out what gadgets the trio have installed in their homes, how their children consume smart home tech and which house from a TV series or movie they would most like to live in. 

We also have an exclusive interview with Caspar Schoenmakers, the founder of ChargeMakers, and owner of an awesome smart home in the Netherlands. 

DesignSpark’s 10th Birthday, Superman in Space and Maker Faires

It's a special celebration episode as the DesignSpark engineering platform turns 10! 

Pete, Robbie and Dave discuss their favourite projects and memories over the last decade, including sending a Superman action figure to the edge of space and back. 

We also have an exclusive interview with modelling jedi Jude Pullen to find out more about his BBC TV shows, projects and his Obi Wan Cardboard Kenobi.


Mid-Life Crisis, Sports Cars and Starting a Band

Pete, Dave and Robbie are discussing mid-life crises and everything from forming a band to sports cars and sky diving.

Find out all about how they're re-living their youth, planning to tick off their bucket lists, before Pete and Dave are put to the test in the Mid Life Cris-Quiz. 

We also have an exclusive interview with Ben Redford, the founder of start-up Mayku.

Marvel Special: Captain America, Richard Browning and Royal Rumbles

Dave, Pete and Robbie are joined by "Captain America" Matt this week to discuss all things MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Find out which of the films are their favourites, what soundtrack is playing on repeat and the piece of Marvel memorabilia hanging above Pete's bed at his wife's request!

We also have an exclusive interview with the real-life Iron Man, Richard Browning and discuss which of the Avengers would win in a Royal Rumble!

WiFi Hacks, Apollo Guidance Computer and Streaming Services

In this episode, our Geek Dads explore hacks that have been helping them with working from home. These include improving productivity, balancing homeschooling and tech tips to get a better WiFi signal around your house. 

We also have an exclusive interview with Marc Verdiell, a key member of the team who restored an original Apollo Guidance Computer, the first computer to use integrated circuits, with a 1MHz clock, four 16-bits registers, 4K RAM, and 32K ROM. 

Robbie, Pete and Dave also debate which streaming service is the best, and answer the question of which they would have if they could only access one for the rest of their lives. 



Aerospace, Flight Sim and Pilot-less Planes

In Episode 4, our trio return to discuss all things aviation and aerospace.

From reminiscing about 80's holiday flights to Dave's flight sim addiction and the future of flying, they've got it covered!

There is also an exclusive interview with flight enthusiast Simon Lummis.

Star Wars Day Special (Episode III)

The trio are back for the greatest day of the year! It's Star Wars Day! 

Dave, Pete and Robbie discuss how they will be celebrating, some of their favourite Star Wars moments and debate their favourite ever characters. 

They also have an exclusive interview with 3D technologies jedi Steve Cox, talking giant chocolate oranges and COVID-19 support.

May The Fourth Be With You! 


Pete’s Shed Of Shame, 3D Printing and Super Villains.

Dave, Pete and Robbie return. They are 3 proud geeky dads who are here to talk about all things tech, sci-fi, gaming and more. 

In episode 2 the trio explore the wonders to be found inside of Pete's Shed of Shame, debate their favourite comic book/film villains and interview 3D printing geek Alex Gibson.

If you're interested in electronics projects, hacking, model painting, comics or 3D printing then this episode is for you! Or if you just like listening to three blokes talking rubbish, I'm sure you'll enjoy it too. 

May the mass times acceleration be with you!